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Hill- billy Candy

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Stream music and playlists ...Emotion In Dimension, Black Jack, Crazy Love,Like it  or Not, Hillbilly Candy, John Wayne,and Tis the Season

About Us

Our Story

In the nineties I met a woman who wanted to advertise her real estate business. We put together a couple ideas and eventually came up with a gaming concept for radio. That same year i went to a meeting of business people and they just happened to be looking for a theme song for thier MLM multi-level marketing business for real estate. It was a private invite only type thing and when you brought someone in, you got a commission for it. I later found out these people were making money like hand over fist, well i had to know more and i wanted to talk to the President himself about my song and the contest behind it. I then found out that they had a huge national deal going on and were putting out a tape with all the particulars of their deals. What a blessing, they had 38,000 members who were all going to purchase this tape, and new members coming in every day who would want it also. They sold almost 800,000 dollars worth of these tapes and my song was on it. Needless to say I was ecstatic and there was no apps back then. Fast forward to 2007 Dallas Texas Christmas time A chevy car dealer wants to sponsor a game, the car sales are way low and the industry is in trouble, the deal fell apart  because someone got greedy and they would have made about 4 million dollars. Now the apps are here to stay........and we are building three that will break all the records, now who wants to know more?     

What Inspires Us

Inspiration for us comes from three things, is it good, will it work, and can it make alot of people money. When i was putting together the first games on paper, it was not working so good at first but if at first you do not succeed, try try again. advertising branding music and gaming

Our Influences

Our music blends rock, acoustic melodies, and electronic to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone, young love, and getting older. Now add the game to our lyrics and you really got something cool that lots of people are gonna want to be a part of this App. 

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